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There are two critical criteria you will want to look for in identifying top-tier salespeople: Self-awareness and drive.

What kind of revenue growth do you want to see between now and the end of your fiscal year—or whatever date is most relevant in your world? What kind of figure should you be shooting for? And how can you be certain that target is both aggressive and realistic?

In sales, showing up is important. We talk to salespeople all the time who close deals in part because they were the only person to return a call. It makes a huge difference!

Similarly, showing up online is extremely important. If you're focused on making it easy to do business with you—and you should be—then you need to be easy to find online.

Want to be easy to find online? Here are some platforms and tactics to consider.

Want to improve your sales calls and meetings, have clearer next steps, and even improve your closing rate? One of the best ways to do that is to do a better job preparing before your sales call.

Think about highly respected professions. Whether it's architects, engineers, doctors, accountants, airline pilots, ministers, or teachers, they all have one thing in common. They all plan in advance.

Let's look at the advantages of pre-call planning in sales, how you should plan, and a tool we have available.

Mike Montague interviews Brian Jackson on How to Succeed at Your 30 Second Commercial. Brian is an award-winning Sandler Trainer in San Diego, CA.


It’s baseball season, and here in Southern California, we have high hopes for our teams this season.


There’s been a lively debate among sales leaders in recent years and it centers on a big question: Has the digital selling environment we are all now operating in brought about a fundamental change in what it means to be a professional salesperson?


The results of the Sandler Research Center’s most recent survey offer important insights for sales leaders eager to create and sustain momentum in their sales team.


Create and circulate a documented playbook of best practices for anything and everything that occurs on an ongoing basis.


One of the big questions we are hearing from clients these days is this one: We’ve finally begun to turn the corner … so how do we sustain our organization’s sales momentum in a time of uncertainty?

Mike Montague interviews Michael Coles on How to Succeed at Getting Tough.