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Custom Growth Solutions, LLC | Sandler Training | Oklahoma City, OK

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Elevating Leadership, Management, & Sales Performance

Sandler is a world leader in innovative sales, management, and leadership training. We offer consulting, coaching, and training for individuals and organizations serious about professional development and growth.

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Sales, management, and leadership development

Sandler in Oklahoma City specializes in sales, management, and leadership development. What does that mean? Watch this video to find out.


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We welcome visitors at our training center and online! If you're interested in attending a complimentary training session, click below.

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We're business growth experts. Whether you’re trying to generate a healthy pipeline, close more sales or are simply curious about what we do to make our clients more successful, get in touch. One of us will contact you to see if we can help.


When I became involved with the Sandler Training program I spent a lot of time avoiding conversations about budget and expectations. I also found myself dedicating a great deal of time to unpaid consulting. When a prospect called I jumped at the chance to meet without much thought into whether I could actually help them with the services I provide.

The foundations program started to peak my interest in that many of my sales and business problems were addressed.

Covering everything from client behaviors, outlining expectations and budgetary planning I knew that the Presidents Club would be of great benefit too.

I now find myself asking questions of myself and of potential clients. Setting expectations and discussing the clients needs and requirements for time and money are huge. I save myself a great deal of wasted time and ultimately loss of profits. I see my company and services in a divergent light and value my time and expertise.

Your diligence in holding me to task and following up on problems discussed is greatly appreciated and to me is above and beyond my expectations. I have found the Sandler Training program of enormous worth and benefit and above all I appreciate our friendship and the time you spend as a personal business mentor.

Michael Hutchinson - Owner/Client Services; Directing Design, Inc.