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Sandler Training is a world leader in innovative sales, management, and leadership training. We offer consulting, coaching, and training for individuals and organizations serious about professional development and growth.

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Sales, management, and leadership development

Sandler Training in Oklahoma City specializes in sales, management, and leadership development. What does that mean? Watch this video to find out.


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Sandler Training has been of great significance helping our organization establish a solid sales department, since day one! Now with so many added values within the products Sandler Training offers, we now consider their partnership instrumental to the future success of our organization.

It is unfortunate for large and small organizations that there is not a college degree in the "sales" profession. Thus the only basis for businesses to hire "sales" personnel is from the applicants self proclaimed "sales" numbers. Sales numbers that cannot be verified and are often inflated for the sole purpose of gaining employment.

Most companies expanding their sales department are looking to increase revenue. Unfortunately, most companies base most of their decision on "sales" numbers and often overlook the fact that most numbers are severely inflated. If sales had been that good, do you really think they would be looking for employment?

More challenging than accepting prior sales figures is the fact that this individual will be representing your company at luncheons, networking events, on the phone, and appointments. Will this individual represent you with the values and morals your company set forth when it was founded?

These are only two of the many challenges organizations are faced with when strategically planning to increase revenue. Not long ago, my company looked to add a sales staff in our strategic plan. At the time we had no sales department and it led us to ask other organizations with sales staff, where do you start? What procedures do you establish? How much do you pay? What should we expect in return? How can we be assured they are going to represent our company as we would?

Brian Peterson, Vice President of Commercial Lending at Spirit Bank, recommended that we start with Mike Crandall at Sandler Training. Respecting his recommendation, we proceeded with Sandler Training as our consultant. Three months of due diligence and consulting with Sandler Training helped my company establish an accountable, sales position with measured results.

Sandler Training and staff are available for our sales personnel at any time. As well, our "account development" team, (previously titled "sales" before Sandler Training) continues ongoing weekly education engaging in-depth learning.

Since partnering with Sandler Training our revenues have steadily increased. As well, the time spent preparing estimates has significantly reduced and we all know how it feels to spend so much time on an estimate only to find out, they went somewhere else. That's been eliminated through the Sandler Training method.

Sandler Training is a partner of ours and I highly recommend you invest in their sales education for increased sales. You will receive a huge return on investment investing in Sandler Training!

Michael D. Morrison - Founder & CEO; Comtech Direct Mail Solutions