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Professional Development

If you're like most people, you're annoyed by all the things you "have" to do to stay relevant and top-of-mind with your clients and prospects.

Listen to any online marketing expert, and they'll tell you what platform, tool, or content you simply must do in order to reach people—and of course, that just happens to be what they're an expert in.

Have you ever been frustrated by trying to market your organization with nothing to show for the time, money, and energy you invested? Or maybe you're intimidated by that very thought, so you haven't invested much at all in marketing your business!

We are happy to announce that we have awarded our $65,000 2021 non-profit scholarship to The STEAM Engine. The scholarship includes consulting, coaching, and training to help them grow.

Mike Montague interviews Randy Seidl on How to Succeed at Being Part of a Sales Community.


There are a lot of parallels between marketing and sales. And all too often, the same mistakes are made in both areas as well. One frequent mistake is the hard sell.

The hard sell is when you really push your product or service in a forceful, insistent way. It's something that comes from traditional sales and marketing. In Sandler, we don't believe that's a good technique.

Mike Montague interviews Akshay Nanavati, best-selling author of Fearvana, on How to Succeed at Finding Bliss.


We all love to hear prospects say "yes." But if you're in sales or marketing for any amount of time, you sometimes hear a prospect say "no." When that happens, what do you do? Do they get deleted from your database? Do you immediately stop communication with them? Are they dead to you?

If so, you're making a huge mistake!

Michelle Prince is the best-selling author of her first book, “Winning In Life Now” and is a highly sought after Zig Ziglar Motivational Speaker.

Mike Montague interviews Wade Rowan, Sandler trainer from Chattanooga, on How to Succeed at Identifying Your Personal Advantage.

In Sandler, we help clients learn that consistency is a huge part of sales done right. The same thing is true in marketing. A big part of being consistent over time is your own behavior. In fact, that's the only thing you can really control.

Obviously, you want to improve how you're doing things over time, but starting by focusing on consistency is huge for both sales and marketing.

So how does that play out in marketing?

This year, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the book, Dave will revisit each of the original 49 Sandler Rules and give updated takes on their relevance to salespeople and sales leaders.