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Professional Development

In sales, showing up is important. We talk to salespeople all the time who close deals in part because they were the only person to return a call. It makes a huge difference!

Similarly, showing up online is extremely important. If you're focused on making it easy to do business with you—and you should be—then you need to be easy to find online.

Want to be easy to find online? Here are some platforms and tactics to consider.

It’s baseball season, and here in Southern California, we have high hopes for our teams this season.


Have you ever noticed that the people in sales and the people in marketing often seem to be on the opposite sides of important discussions?


In 1969 the book "I'm OK—You're OK" was published, and for many, it introduced the concept of transactional analysis. Later, David Sandler took those concepts and applied them to the world of sales. Many of those concepts apply to marketing as well.

Spring is here. It’s brighter later. It’s getting warmer. It’s a time for growing things. While planning our Summer harvest, let’s consider 10 Laws for Planting Seeds of Personal and Professional Growth.


Mike Montague interviews Josh Linkner on How to Succeed at Big Little Breakthroughs. In this episode:


Your time is your most valuable asset. Nobody knows that better than business owners. As a result, you should guard your time closely, investing it where it can do the most good and get the best ROI.

So do you think your time is better invested in marketing or selling?

Mike Montague interviews Steve Sims on How to Succeed at Making Things Happen.


Mike Montague interviews Greg Rice on How to Succeed at Communicating More Effectively.


Mike Montague interviews Antarctic Mike on How to Succeed at Meeting New People.

Mike Montague interviews Dave Mattson on How to Succeed at Scaling Sales Success.