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Sales Process

Remember the childhood game of whispering a phrase to someone and asking them to pass it on? By the time it reached the fourth or fifth person, the meaning of the original phrase was lost! Then, it amused us; in customer care, it can be costly.


For sales professionals, 2020 may be remembered as the Year of Holding on to Clients.


When I first started getting involved in Sandler Training, the importance of acting and being different stood out to me. If you're walking down the street with a lot of ordinary-looking people and suddenly someone walks by with a bright-colored mohawk, you can't help but look.

Different stands out!

Mike Montague interviews Jason Campbell, Host of Impact at Work and Superhumans at Work, a Mindvalley Podcast. Author of Upcoming book on Selling with Love, on How to Succeed at Selling with Love

Mike Montague interviews Anneli Thomson, Sandler trainer and member of Team Great Britain in the triathlon, on How to Succeed at Gold Medal Selling. 


Mike Montague interviews Dr. Mark Goulston, podcaster, speaker, and author of Just Listen, on How to Succeed at Selling More by Listening More.

The old distinction between “field sales” and “inside sales” is an increasingly irrelevant one. Today, the most effective and productive sales teams see themselves as remote sales professionals.


We live in an era when virtual selling has, in many industries, all but eclipsed face-to-face, in-person selling.

For as long as there have been salespeople, there has been data to analyze about the process they use to bring in business.

The results of the Sandler Research Center survey The Essential Components for Sustaining Overachieving Sales Performance are out.


Pattern interrupts are a great tactic for getting unstuck in business, especially in the sales process. We advise all of our clients to get familiar with the concept and start practicing them.

A pattern interrupt is doing something that's different than what's expected. In sales and in business, you need to first determine where you are getting stuck. Then you can create a pattern interrupt that can help you get unstuck.