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Custom Growth Solutions, LLC | Sandler Training | Oklahoma City, OK

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Custom Growth Solutions, LLC

We help successful clients optimize their sales initiatives.

Don't settle for less than the best results any longer. Sandler Custom Growth Solutions delivers proven processes and methodology.

Maximize Your Potential

At Sandler Custom Growth Solutions our growth model is an evolutionary one. Improved performance and behavioral change don't simply snap into place overnight. We don’t sprinkle you with magic dust to instantly transform you into a sales superstar or transformational leader. Through ongoing consulting, coaching, training, evaluation, and reinforcement, we work with you to maximize your potential over time. We do so by imparting a triangular approach for achieving success - high-performance behavior, a winning attitude, and non-traditional sales techniques.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Sandler Custom Growth Solutions is a counter-intuitive approach to selling that takes the words “sleazy” and “pushy” out of the sales vocabulary. No longer are salespeople held hostage by their prospects, where they lack all power and leverage. Instead, you gain a selling edge by mastering a sales methodology, one that is more powerful than your prospect’s. In turn, salespeople have more control over their prospects and customers, outsell the competition with updated skills and reach consistent quota achievement. And even more good news, you’ll waste less time and make more money by working smarter, not harder.

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We're business growth experts. Whether you’re trying to generate a healthy pipeline, close more sales or are simply curious about what we do to make our clients more successful, get in touch. One of us will contact you to see if we can help.

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Our team

The members of our team include (left to right) David Curran, Krystle Evans, Mike Crandall, Doyce Crandall, and Wade Tower.

Mike Crandall

Mike Crandall is the Owner and Principal of Sandler Custom Growth Solutions in Oklahoma City, which specializes in sales, management, and leadership development for visionary, growth-minded clients in Oklahoma City and across the United States. Using psychological principles, Mike works with business owners and motivated individuals to create and implement professional development strategies to foster the growth of individuals, teams, and organizations.

Over the last twenty years, Mike has been a proven leader in sales, marketing, communications, management, training, business development, market development, and client relations, which has allowed him to lead business growth regionally, nationally, and internationally across 45 states in the US and 5 provinces in Canada. He has held leadership positions with companies such as DeWalt/Black and Decker, James Hardie Building Products, and Propex. In addition to coaching, training, and consulting, Mike is a sought-after speaker and the author of Motivational Management the Sandler Way.

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Doyce Crandall

Doyce Crandall is a Consultant, Coach and Trainer focused on Sales, Management, and Leadership Development. She specializes in sales professional recruitment, assessing, and finding the right fit for your organization. We talk about Behaviors, Attitudes, Techniques, and Guts needed to be more Successful in Business Improvement, Sales Growth, and Employee Development. Our firm specializes in helping identify the Blind Spots and Obstacles that are holding you back and then implementing Systems, Behaviors, and Guts to become more Successful. Clients ultimately develop new Habits that lead to Proactive Growth professionally and personally.

Doyce Crandall 2019

David Curran

David Curran serves as a Trainer, Speaker, Consultant, and Director of Business Development for Sandler Custom Growth Solutions in Oklahoma City, OK. He helps Business Owners and Executives work on the behaviors, attitudes, techniques, and guts they need to be more successful in business improvement, sales growth, and employee development.

Before working at Sandler, David has served as the Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services for a multinational company working with universities to increase student enrollment and retention. He has led triple-digit expansion at multiple universities through enhanced communication, improved closing rates, shortened sales cycles, and systemized growth strategies garnered from the Sandler Selling System. David has also served as a business consultant for universities, think tanks, and start-ups, owned his own business tech and furniture firm, and for over 10 years led an iconic Southern California retail organization with annual revenue in excess of $45M.

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Krystle Evans

Krystle Evans, Director of Client Services and Administration, coordinates and handles all our administration needs, along with producing our live-virtual, interactive workshops and boot camps. She handles the technology and finesse of comfortable connection for hundreds of clients. After spending 20 years in the hospitality and management industry, Krystle knows what truly creates the ultimate client experience with the anticipation of client needs and a level of care she would want her own family to be treated with.

“Sandler is the best place that I have ever seen for individual and organizational growth. Being able to have the pleasure of seeing our clients professional and personal lives change, knowing I helped in even the smallest way, is my ultimate passion.”

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