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One of the many reasons Sandler has been successful over the years is because we developed a repeatable selling system that works.

In traditional sales, salespeople are often really good at winging it. Unfortunately, there are many problems with that approach. It's wasteful, not teachable, and hard to improve.

Unfortunately, the same thing is common in marketing. Often, marketing is sporadic at best with the person responsible for it "winging it" when it comes to their marketing activities like posting on social media, blogging, sending out emails, and more.

A marketing system is essential!

First, a marketing system helps you avoid waste. There's a great acronym for S.Y.S.T.E.M., So You Save Time, Energy, and Money. That's what a good marketing system will do for you! It will cut down on waste across multiple resources.

Second, a marketing system is teachable. If you're the salesperson in your organization, is your time really best spent on marketing? Of course not! It's best spent prospecting, following up with leads, and signing new clients or selling to new customers. Having a marketing system means you can pass the marketing baton to someone else so you can focus on what makes you money—sales.

Finally, a system allows you to incrementally improve your marketing results over time. If you're winging it instead of using a system, it's challenging to know what worked and why. Imagine spinning around blindfolding, aiming a bow and arrow at a target, then taking your blindfold off to find that you hit the target. There's no way to repeat that success. Using a system will allow you to understand what marketing tactic worked and why to do more of that and less of what didn't work.

So, a marketing system will allow you to avoid waste, teach it to others so you can focus on money-making activities, and incrementally improve your results. Start systemizing your marketing and stop winging it!

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