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In sales, showing up is important. We talk to salespeople all the time who close deals in part because they were the only person to return a call. It makes a huge difference!

Similarly, showing up online is extremely important. If you're focused on making it easy to do business with you—and you should be—then you need to be easy to find online.

Want to be easy to find online? Here are some platforms and tactics to consider.

SEO on your website

Your website is your home base on the internet. It's your central repository of information, and the best place to make a good first impression, digitally speaking. You have more control over your website than you do any other platform online, so you should use that to connect with your prospects.

SEO—Search Engine Optimization—is all about how and where you show up in search engines. If you want to make it easy to find online, investing in SEO is a good idea.

Social media

At least some of your ideal prospects are using social media regularly. Do you have a presence there so they can find you and easily refer other people to you? On some platforms, that means having a business account. On others, you may need a personal account and a business page.

And just creating a page does not make it easy to find your organization. You also need to be active. Post at least weekly. Comment, like, and share when others post. Doing those activities regularly will cause the platform to show you more often to others.

Google My Business

If people visit your physical location—and even if they don't—the map results on Google can help people find you more easily. Claim your business on Google My Business, or add it if it isn't already showing up. Then fill everything out! The more you fill out, the easier it will be for others to find you.

And consider using a third-party tool that will allow you to add yourself to other directories online. Not only will that make it easier for people to find you, but if your information is the same on those other directories as it is on Google, Google will take that into account when including you in search results.

Of course, those are just three ways you can show up online. If you want to make it easy for others to do business with you, start working on those sooner rather than later.

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