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We all love to hear prospects say "yes." But if you're in sales or marketing for any amount of time, you sometimes hear a prospect say "no." When that happens, what do you do? Do they get deleted from your database? Do you immediately stop communication with them? Are they dead to you?

If so, you're making a huge mistake!

In Sandler, we help our clients learn that a "no" is really a "no for now." In fact, we have a specific rule related to that concept: Sandler Rule #39: When All Else Fails, Become a Consultant.

Traditional sales and marketing teaches that you should lower your price if someone isn't ready to buy. Don't do that! You'll cheapen yourself and train your client never to believe you when you tell them a dollar amount. You'll destroy all the credibility you built up!

Instead, become a consultant. Continue to demonstrate your expertise and willingness to share even after the opportunity is "gone." There are many ways you can use marketing to accomplish that. Here are just a few.

Connect on social media

If you haven't already, be sure to connect with your prospect online. LinkedIn is an important one, but also consider sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Engage with them on whatever platform they're most active on.

Send them your email newsletters

Let them know that you share helpful information in your email newsletter that they can take advantage of even if they're never a client of yours. Then ask them if they'd like to receive it. Be sure they know it's easy to subscribe if it turns out it's not a good fit for them.

Share blog articles

As you publish blog articles that are relevant to them, let them know. Email them directly and share those articles with them. For added relevance, mention why you thought the article would be beneficial to them.

If you get a "no" and aren't continuing to market appropriately to your prospect, you're missing out! Become a consultant, utilize your marketing as a part of that, and you'll continue to build trust over time.

Remember, a "no" is really just a "now for now." Continue to market after the "no."

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