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Custom Growth Solutions, LLC | Sandler Training | Oklahoma City, OK

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Sales Acceleration Boot Camp

Learn how to waste less time in sales

This one day Sales Boot Camp will help you learn why and how we end up wasting so much time in the sales.

Whether with the wrong people, at the wrong time, or talking about the wrong things – we all end up doing Unpaid Consulting while we sell.

This day is focused on helping you learn ways to read and connect with others faster, then disqualify those who you should not spend time and energy with.

Learning these things have been extremely beneficial for owners, leaders, managers, sales, project and customer service positions.

Sales Acceleration Boot Camp

Key parts of the day

Understanding how and why people buy.

Why we connect so well with some, and why we struggle to connect with others.

Figuring out ways to shorten our sales cycles.

Learning better ways to read and connect with others.

Truly understanding how to get inside the head of the prospect.

Asking better questions to uncover more / better info.

Learning and clarifying needs, budget and decision before we invest our time to work on something for a prospect.


Upcoming dates to be announced.


Sandler Training
5850 W Wilshire Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73132

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Your time, plus $1,000
($100 for Management Clients and President’s Club Members)