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Mobile devices have transformed everything, including marketing and sales. And it’s crazy how many people and businesses still haven’t caught on!

I was working with a client a while back, and they asked me to look at a product they had in person. While I was standing in front of it, I pulled out my phone and tried to look it up online to learn more, and I couldn’t find it on a mobile device.

Now, their marketing consultant had told them, “We have a great web presence.” And yet I couldn’t find their product on my mobile device when I was specifically looking for it!

You’ve got to figure out in your business how you get better at how you look online. And that’s not necessarily an easy thing to do. But it is transforming constantly, and growing very quickly.

Even if your business does custom work, you need to give a picture of an example. When you’re talking about Primary Sensory Dominance, approximately 55% of the people out there are visual. So you need to make sure you don’t lose that just because they can’t find you online.

Of course, you may or may not have control over how your company looks online. But you do have control over how you look online.

People do business with people, not just companies! When people look you up online, what do they see? When they look at your LinkedIn profile, what do they see? When they look at other social media, what do they see? When they search for you, what will they find?

Do whatever is in your power to make your online presence useful, helpful, and beneficial for you and others.

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