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Generating interest is not that difficult in most industries. It’s easy! It’s much more of a challenge to actually tap into emotion. But entire industries like marketing and advertising are built around helping you generate interest.

The three ways to generate more sales are:

  1. Have more conversations
  2. Have conversations with better qualified people
  3. Have better conversations

Of course, at Sandler we help with both #2 and #3. But think about that first way for a moment.

If you want to have more conversations, you have to invest more time. And I’ve never found a business owner or salesperson that really wants to work twice as many hours as they’re currently working.

Yet how many of them waste time and money on advertising and marketing focused on getting more leads!? They should be focusing on getting BETTER leads.

More leads means more investing more time, and most business owners and salespeople don’t want to spend more time! But putting together a commercial or a print ad that generates interest is much easier than putting together one that appeals to emotion.

Because appealing to the emotional reasons people do business means you end up having conversations with better qualified people.

At Sandler, we call that your prospect’s pain. But when we say “pain,” that can be a present or future pain, but it can also be a present or future pleasure. Really, it’s your prospect’s emotional reason for doing business with you.

One of our Sandler Rules is, “No Pain, No Sale.” In other words, if you can’t tap into the emotional reason people want to do business with you, you shouldn’t sell them anything.

There’s nothing wrong with marketing and advertising. But it’s far more powerful if you focus on emotion, not interest. You may actually get less leads out of it, but you’ll get more of the right leads, and have conversations with better qualified people.


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