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Getting involved in organizations can be hugely beneficial. Whether it's a nonprofit, an association, or a local chamber. But you've got to be more than just a member!

Let's look at a couple ways that might benefit you.

First, you have to really understand that you can't just be a member. The organization probably has lots of members. You have to actually be involved at a higher level. Volunteer for an advisory group. Join a committee. Do something that takes your involvement to that premium level.

Some of those groups might have opportunities to make fund raising phone calls. If you're calling on behalf of the organization, you can often get through to your target market when you wouldn't have been able to get through otherwise.

Once you're talking to them, the goal is to listen for pain points. If you're really diligent, and hear one of those pain points, the door can open to further conversation. But you have to really be paying attention.

It's amazing what happens!

You may also be asked to email someone on behalf of the organization. In that case, it may be that the email comes directly from you. If so, you can put something in your signature specifically for that person that might catch their attention.

That can open the door for conversation. And any good sales situation is all about conversation.

You also need to be careful when you pick the organizations you're involved in. They have to be a good match for you, and there has to be some overlap in your target market. Otherwise, they won't be worth your time.

And be wary of organizations that are free to join. There's something to be said for groups that are "pay to play."

So if you haven't done so lately, check out the various groups and associations in your area. Fine one that fits your target market, and start examining what the opportunities are for really being involved.

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