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In every communication situation, somebody’s buying and somebody’s selling.

Inside of us, subconsciously, we think that they’re always the same. If you look at yourself and how you buy, you’re going to sell the same way. You put yourself in your prospect’s shoes, even when they don’t think the same way you do.

And that can be dangerous. It’s what we call a non-supportive buy cycle.

If you’re a very detail-oriented person, you tend to need a lot of information. You need a lot of details, spreadsheets, comparisons, etc. What do you think you’ll provide for other people?

Essentially, non-supportive buy cycle means that we try to sell the same way that we like to buy. We put ourselves in their shoes, but not in a good way. We assume that they are wired the same way we’re wired.

If you like small talk, you subconsciously believe that having enough small talk with the other person is going to make them choose you. And it might not!

So we know that we really need to make it about what they want, not what we would want in their position. An alternative to the Golden Rule that we promote at Sandler is, “Treat others the way THEY want to be treated.”

Easier said than done.

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