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Unwrap the Gift of Sales Success

A Sandler Holiday Special Live Webinar

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Join us for our free webinar and stuff your stocking with proven sales strategies for 2024 and beyond.

Over one jolly hour, get solutions to the common sales challenges that come with wrapping up the year and welcoming a new beginning.


Unveil strategies for:

  • "The Silent Night Syndrome"
    Overcoming the quiet prospects in your pipeline and making the season bright.


  • "Rudolph's Dilemma"
    Shining a light through the foggy decision-making processes around end-of-year budgets and customer indecision, leading the way to a closed deal.


  • "Ghost of Sales Future"
    Turning your “call me after the holidays” into meetings without the need to call in three spirits for intervention.


  • "Stocking Stuffers"
    Learning to avoid discounting, added value, and other bonuses that drain your profits faster than a holiday getaway.



Give yourself the gift of superior sales skills. Don't get left out in the cold - register now to revitalize your selling approach and jingle all the way to the bank!

Meet Your Merry Hosts

Mike Montague

Mike Montague, Director of Community Engagement

Mike’s festive spirit turns “bah humbug” sales approaches into “ho, ho, ho” results with ah-has and ha-has sprinkled in.

Lisa Ellis

Lisa Ellis, Head of Product Management

Like Santa's head elf of sales strategy, Lisa helps Sandler and your sales team wrap up deals with precision and joy.