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Negotiating for Success

Learn, practice, and implement the negotiating strategies and system that will help you close more.

Register for our 4-part virtual Boot Camp

Struggling with negotiations?

Our intensive, interactive, and engaging four-session virtual Boot Camp might do the trick! These sessions are intended for business owners, sales managers, outside and inside sales representatives, and anyone who is tasked with negotiating more profitable and productive deals for their company, their organization, or themselves!

What's Your Negotiating Intelligence?

Are you instantly aggravated and defensive when a prospect begins a negotiation?

You may have watched the webinar, in which we discussed some proven negotiating concepts. Now, here’s an opportunity to learn, practice, and implement the negotiating strategies and system that will help you:

  • Close more business
  • Gain the upper hand
  • Win more than your fair share of negotiating outcomes
Negotiating for car

Negotiating anything: A Virtual Boot Camp for Business Success

If you or your company are:

  • Lacking a system to rely upon when faced with an "ask" for a lower price or concession to your proposal
  • Frustrated that you often come out on the short end of negotiating outcomes
  • Concerned that you’re giving up too much margin and profit
  • Upset with losing control of negotiating interactions with your clients/customers
  • Angry that you've lost more than $399 in the past 6-12 months during a negotiating process

Then join us for these:

Live, unique, interactive, hands-on virtual sessions, when you will have an opportunity to learn:

  • How to understand and deal with strategic negotiators
  • How to identify sources of negotiating leverage
  • How personality, style, and persuasion affect outcomes
  • The most common negotiating mistakes
  • The top 12 gambits negotiators use and the countermeasures
  • How to break through an apparent impasse
  • How to make strategic concessions
  • How to prepare for your next negotiation


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Delivered live online via Zoom


Your time, plus $399 per person
($100 for ongoing clients)