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Just because a lead looks a certain way, or an email reads a certain way, or a voicemail sounds a certain way, doesn’t mean you should disqualify the person. That can be very dangerous!

A while back, a client of mine who creates websites got an email from a lead. The lead was asking for help using a do-it-yourself type tool to finish her website. She shared with my client that she was around 95% done, and needed professional help finishing the rest.

My client wasn’t surprised that she was having trouble finding someone, because, as my client put it, “That’s like asking a professional carpenter to help you finish assembling your particleboard furniture with a toy hammer.”

Although the project didn’t sound like a good fit for my client, he checked the lead’s website. Immediately, he realized that she was his exact target market. So despite his misgivings on the project itself, he gave her a call.

Less than a month later, they started work on a custom built website for her. She ended up not using the do-it-yourself website at all.

Two factors really played into that sale.

First, he knew what his ideal prospect looked like. This particular lead fit my client’s ideal industry and ideal company size.

Because of that, the second thing was that he actually had a conversation with her. He didn’t disqualify before he had an opportunity to actually speak with her.

Have you ever judged anyone because of how the project looked, how the email read, or the person’s appearance? Don’t disqualify an opportunity without having a conversation first.

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