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In many industries, there's a common problem. Phone calls aren't returned in a timely manner, and so-called "professionals" may not even show up for appointments. One of my clients was recently able to take advantage of that issue.

My client is in roofing, and recently he was reaching out to real estate agents on LinkedIn. He replaced LinkedIn's default message with something along these lines:

"I work with real estate agents who are frustrated with having to push back closings because of roofing issues. Would it make sense for us to talk?"

The next morning, he had a message waiting for him. A real estate agents had responded, "Hey, can you go check out this specific property? If you have any questions, give me a call."

My client gave him a call, and asked him a few more questions to make sure he wouldn't be wasting his time. Finally he asked the agent, "You don't even know me outside of LinkedIn. Why do you feel comfortable with me coming out and looking at this house for you?"

The real estate agents responded, "It's actually pretty simple. The other two people I called never showed up, and I'm in a bind. I need someone to go out there today!"

My client did go to the house, and it turned out the roof had so much damage that the whole thing needed to be replaced. And now my client has 35 more listings that real estate agent wants him to take a look at!

How much business did those other roofers lose, simply because they didn't show up?

If my client discovers that's a common occurrence between roofers and real estate agents, it's another pain point he can tap into when connecting with them. Not only are they pushing back closings because of roofing issues, but they're probably tired of roofers just not showing up!

It's a common problem. Depending on your industry, if you are simply consistently present and do what you say you're going to do, you'll stand out from your competition.

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