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Typically when we think of professions that are universally respected, we don't think of salespeople. We may think of policemen, firemen, doctors, or even professional athletes.

One of the things all those professions have in common is that they're always ready.

You may have played football, or are probably at least somewhat familiar with football. If you're second string and on the sideline, and you're really good and want to be ready, your helmet is always on.

Because when the coach says, "Hey, you're up," you don't want to be stuck saying, "Wait a minute, I've got to go find my helmet."

Otherwise you just missed your shot!

In a football game, they can't plan when someone is going to pull a muscle, and you have to be sent in. You always have to be ready!

The people that are professional in sports are always ready. Doctors are always ready. Firemen are always ready.

Think about police officers. When are they really on duty?


They don't say, "Hey, I'll get back to you tomorrow morning when I clock in." If you need help and they're around, they help!

As a true sales professional, you shouldn't be saying, "Oh, a prospect? I need a couple days to get ready and return their call." A true professional is ready all the time.

Being prepared makes all the difference.

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