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Setting goals is an important part of sales, management, and leadership. But frequently we try to accomplish them by ourselves. We don’t live in a vacuum! But when we run into obstacles, we make the mistake of acting like we’re alone.

When something gets in the way of your goals, it doesn’t always work to ask, “What do I do?” Sometimes, you need to ask, “Who can help?”

For some of you, that could be a boss, or a friend, or a coworker, or a spouse. For some of you, it could even be me! Or someone else entirely.

It’s amazing what can happen when you tap into the resources others are willing to provide. It makes things so much easier for us.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of asking someone down the hall for help. Other times, it may be that you need to pay someone to help you.

For example, I strongly encourage business owners to sit down with their accountant during the year to make sure they know everything they should do before the year is over. It’s amazing how many people get to the end of the year and say something like, “If only I’d sat down with my accountant in August or September. I could have saved myself a whole lot of money!”

Of course, that’s just one example, and may not apply to you if you’re not a business owner. But if you haven’t accomplished all the goals you wanted to have accomplished by now, ask yourself this one question:

Who do you need to ask for help?

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