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Prospects generally don’t intend to lie. They’ve been conditioned that way by bad salespeople. In fact, many people wouldn’t like under any other circumstances. But when dealing with a salesperson, it’s a defense mechanism that pops up.

Let’s take a look at three lies prospects tell, and what we can do about it.

I’m Interested

This lie is often followed up with something like, “Could you leave me some literature?” So how can we combat that?

We may be hearing this in an early conversation with a prospect. Rather than leaving literature, than trying unsuccessfully to follow up while they duck your phone calls, just be up front with them.

You can respond with something along these lines: “I need to be up front with you. A lot of times when people tell me they’re interested, they’re not. They’re trying to be nice to me, but my literature just ends up in the trash. No hard feelings if that’s what you’re doing, I’d just prefer to know now so I don’t bug you.”

I’m Not Interested

This lie comes as a result of prospects dealing with over-zealous salespeople. Maybe they’re tired of ducking follow up calls. Maybe they don’t want to be hounded while shopping. 

Whatever the case, the solution to this one looks similar to our previous solution. Give them permission to say no. At the beginning of the conversation, say something like, “You probably don’t like it when salespeople hound you, so if you’re not interested, please feel completely comfortable telling me no.”

Those that really aren’t interested will be glad you gave them an out. And those that are actually interested will have their defenses lowered by the fact that you gave them permission to be honest.

I’ll Get Back With You 

Just like the previous lie, this one comes about because the prospect doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. You may be further along in the sales cycle. Typically at this point, you’ve had a meeting already, and maybe even given a presentation. By telling you they’ll get back with you, your prospect may just be dragging the whole thing out. 

Just like the previous one, give the person permission to say no. Early on in the meeting, say something like this: “At the end of our meeting today, I’m going to ask if you want to do business with me. And if you don’t, I want you to be completely honest with me and tell me no. Is that fair?”

By knowing the common lies you hear prospects tell, you can take a proactive stance and help avoid the situation in the first place. Give them permission to say no, and you can stop wasting your time and theirs.


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