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Webinar: Survive, Revive, and Thrive

Learn what's holding you back and the foundation of behaviors and attitudes to move forward.


with anxiety and struggling to find the energy for the next steps?


because you're doing all the right things but suspect something is holding you back?


by job loss or career stagnation?

Growing head plants

You will learn...

  • What is holding you back
  • A foundation of behaviors and attitudes
  • How to break down barriers
  • How to achieve ongoing success
  • Resources available

Webinar Recording

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Webinar presented by...

David Curran

David Curran

David Curran is a leadership coach, speaker, consultant, and trainer focused on improving communication and results in sales, management, tech implementation, client services, and leadership development. His career has been focused on two primary things: growing revenue and developing people. He is brought in by business owners and executives to work on the behaviors, attitudes, techniques, and guts needed to be more successful in business improvement, sales growth, and employee development. His firm specializes in helping identify the blind spots and obstacles that are holding people back and then implementing the systems & processes to become more successful. Clients ultimately develop new habits that lead to proactive, intentional growth professionally and personally.

He resides in Central Point, OR, with business based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and serves clients across the United States.

Sandra Crozier-McKee

Sandra Crozier-McKee

Prior to joining the Sandler team, Sandra Crozier-McKee was an accomplished C-suite executive providing leadership in many sectors including finance, education, food service, media, and recreation. In addition, she was consistently the top sales professional in Canada for a fortune 500 company. Sandra is passionate about supporting our all clients as they continue to achieve excellence in their personal and professional lives. She is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and can personally identify with the emotions you are experiencing as you prepare to re-enter the workforce.


Thursday, July 29, 2021
2pm – 3:30pm CST


Online. You will receive a link and password after registering.



Your time and $200 per person*

* The first 25 to sign up are free, compliments of sponsor T&S Online Marketing