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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Coaching Salespeople

Common traps to avoid once you’ve committed to become a better coach.

Every manager has the ability to be a great coach.

Coaching requires a strong commitment by the manager to empower their salespeople to grow. It involves a customized action plan and a continuous-learning environment, propelling salespeople past self-imposed barriers.

Avoid these unproductive patterns as you commit to empowering your sales team.

  • Learn the importance of maintaining a consistent coaching rhythm.
  • How simple measurements support short and long-term objectives.
  • Why questions perform better than convincing when motivating teams.
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Do you know the difference?

A recent study found that few sales managers spend time coaching, and when they do it's generally ineffective, failing to get the desired results. The Coach's Playbook: Breaking the Performance Code answers the question of 'Why?' and offers a specific, actionable plan based upon the award-winning Sandler Selling System.


Learn how to avoid these unproductive patterns as you commit to empowering your sales team.

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