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Three Questioning Strategies to Help You Close the Sale

Discover three ways to gently bring existing pain to the surface

Uncover emotions to close the sale

The key to closing more sales is uncovering pain – that is, uncovering a level of emotional discomfort on the prospect’s part that’s sufficient to inspire action to change what isn’t working. Notice that you’re not creating this discomfort. You’re shining a spotlight on something that already exists. Here are three questioning techniques that will help you uncover the emotional gap between where your prospect is right now... and where he or she really wants to be.


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Learn how to close the sale:

For salespeople who are tired of receiving passive responses or rejections from prospects after the first to second interaction.


  • Discovery: How to dig deeper in order to find the root of your prospect's current pain

  • Indicators: How to analyze prospect pain in anticipation of your best next steps

  • Impact: How to use facts and figures to demonstrate what pain costs in time and effort  
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3 Questioning Strategies to Help You Close the Sale

Take the next step to improve client relationships to close the sale 

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Uncover the emotional gap

Maximize opportunities with questioning strategies that build credibility and surface pain points, resulting in more conversation control. 

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