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Custom Growth Solutions, LLC | Sandler Training | Oklahoma City, OK

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Questioning Boot Camp

Learn how to ask more and better questions so you maximize opportunities

Have you ever been…

  • Frustrated because you visited with a prospect then found out they didn’t tell you everything?
  • Irritated because you were lied to and lost a business opportunity as a result?
  • Overwhelmed with quotes, bids, proposals, and presentations that don’t turn into sales because you don’t have all the info?

What if you could eliminate useless appointments from your calendar?

The key is learning how to ask more and better questions! If you don’t ask the right questions, you’re missing sales opportunities.

Woman asking questions

Key take aways

How to ask more questions

How to ask better questions

How to ensure you're asking the right questions

The best order to ask questions

Questions that really uncover the information you want, not just scrape the surface


Friday, September 24
9am - 4pm

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Sandler Training
5850 W Wilshire Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73132

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Your time, plus $800
($200 for Management Clients and President’s Club Members)