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Custom Growth Solutions, LLC | Sandler Training | Oklahoma City, OK

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Cold Call Boot Camp

Learn a reliable system for Cold Call Success

Are you...

  • Anxious about making cold calls
  • Tired of not getting past the gate keeper?
  • Sick of hearing "Email me some info"?
  • Struggling to hit your numbers?
  • Frustrated because you don't have enough appointments in your calendar?
  • Irritated because you keep getting stuck in voice mail?

Most sales professionals hate making cold calls for one of two reasons: They don't have a system, or the system they have doesn't work. If this sounds like you or your team, this boot camp may be for you.

Cold Call Boot Camp

You'll learn how to...

  • Overcome call reluctance
  • Get past the gate keeper
  • Get out of Voice Mail Jail
  • Make your first 30 seconds on the phone count
  • Get them engaged in a real conversation
  • Get invited in instead of begging for a few minutes of time.

You'll leave with the tools to...

  • Make a no-pressure prospecting call
  • Ensure you maintain control during the call
  • Develop a customized approach, geared to your business
  • Know when and how to leave voice mails
  • Understand how to eliminate stalls and objections

Investment Includes...

  • All learning materials
  • Lunch
  • A copy of the best-selling book: "The Sandler Rules - 49 Timeless Selling Principles and How to Apply Them"


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Sandler Training
5850 W Wilshire Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73132

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Your time, plus $600 ($100 for Management Clients and President's Club Members)

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