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People tend to do business with people they know, like, trust, and value. So, what is the best way to build rapport with your marketing? It's not by telling your ideal prospect you're the right fit for them before you even meet them, and it’s not by insisting you know what's best before you have a conversation either.

It's all about their OK-ness. You want them to feel okay about themselves, their actions, and your organization before they even meet you. Because if you make someone feel not-OK, they're not very likely to buy from you. People will remember how you made them feel long after they forget all the other details.

Here are three ways you can make sure your marketing makes your prospects feel okay.

Tip 1: Tell people they're not alone

When you're writing for your marketing, whether it's your website, a flyer, or even a LinkedIn update, assure people that the problem or pain you solve is actually fairly common. That makes your prospect feel okay because they realize they're not alone.

Of course, if it isn't fairly common, you probably won't be creating marketing material for it anyway, but in that case, don't draw attention to the fact that it's not common. Instead, mention how you've helped multiple clients with it.

Tip 2: Avoid acronyms and industry terms

Nothing makes someone feel dumb like acronyms they're not familiar with or industry terms they've never heard of. Using jargon can make your prospect feel not-OK quicker than almost anything else.

Find a different way to say what you're trying to say! Or, worst case, explain the term or acronym immediately after using it.

Tip 3: Have a consistent look and feel

Finally, have you ever clicked on a link, but the page you ended up on looked different than you expected? Talk about feeling not-OK!

Don't let the same thing happen with your marketing. Are you sending out a postcard with a link to a web page on it? The web page should have similar branding, colors, and even imagery. Are you sending out an email newsletter that links to a blog article? Use the same headline and image in the newsletter and on the blog article.

Using these three tips will help you make sure your prospect feels okay.

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