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LinkedIn can be an excellent platform for both marketing and sales. However, you have to work smart and consistently in your activities.

In Sandler, we use the term cookbook to refer to your unique list of behaviors that you do regularly and track to make sure you do them. Those can be behaviors for either personal or business development.

Here is a list of LinkedIn activities that you can pick from to build your own cookbook.

  1. Publish posts through your account
  2. Publish posts through your Company Page
  3. Publish articles
  4. Update the sections on your profile
  5. Update the information on your Company Page
  6. See who has viewed your profile and ask them if you can help them
  7. Comment on your competitors' posts
  8. Comment on your strategic partners' posts
  9. Look through recommended people and connect with them
  10. Message your connections and ask if they'll follow your Company Page
  11. Go through your network invitations and accept those that make sense
  12. Recommend people you're connected with
  13. Endorse people you're connected with

Of course, not all of those activities make sense in all cases. But if your ideal client is on LinkedIn, doing some of those activities consistently can help you market your business.

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