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One great sale or one great year does not result in a successful salesperson. That’s accidental success. What’s important is the ability to repeat that success.

We talk a lot in Sandler about the importance of dissecting failure. But perhaps even more important is dissecting your success. If you don’t know why or how you succeeded, how can you hope to replicate it?

If something succeeded, why did it succeed? What factored into that outcome?

Was it your skill? If so, what can you do to make the most use of that skill in the future?

Was it the situation? If so, what can you do to be in more of those situations?

Was it the system you were using? If so, what can you do to be sure that you use that system consistently in the future?

Or was it just luck?

Dissecting your successes can be a painful yet powerful thing for you, if you’re really honest about it!

Take a recent success you’ve had. Make a list of all the things that factored into that being a success.

Now take that list of factors. What behaviors and prospecting activities can you do more of in the future that will cause those factors to happen again?

There’s a quote that’s attributed to the Roman philosopher Seneca: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

What can you do to be prepared for success?

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