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A really good meal takes a lot of preparation. That’s true when you have any good meal, but it is especially apparent around the holidays. Most people put hours of preparation into a good meal for just a few minutes of enjoyment.

Are you applying that concept in your sales?

There are a couple ways to think about that concept. First, consider it for individual sales interactions.

If you have a 12 minute phone call with somebody, or a half an hour meeting, or even a one hour meeting, are you really doing enough to prepare? Or are you not?

I talk with my clients about this on coaching calls all the time, and it's amazing how little prep work we all put into things. You’ve got a meeting tomorrow, and you might spend five minutes preparing. Then you’re surprised when it doesn’t go the way you were hoping!

The second way to apply that is with ongoing self-improvement.

Some of my clients have been in our President’s Club for several years. It’s not uncommon across all of Sandler to find people in President’s Club for five, ten, or even fifteen years. I’ve spoken to some people that have been in there around 25 years!

Sometimes when people get involved with something like Sandler, they hear about that and get frustrated because of the time you have to put in to get better. But those that become really successful look at it like going to the gym. It takes ongoing effort over time to really see big changes.

So as you’re eating a really good meal, consider this: Could your professional career could use that same care and time spent preparing?


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