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If you're like most people in sales, there have been times that you didn't make a sale, and didn't know why. Other times, you may have been brave enough to ask why someone didn't buy. But the truly dedicated find that out during the sales process, even if it's a really unusual reason.

As a salesperson, it's your job to find out if there's a weird reason people aren't doing business with you. And then you need to see if it's something you can work around.

A client of mine was meeting with a prospect who was the vice president of a company. Years prior, my client had sold them a small, one-time service.

Recently, my client had discovered that throughout the years, the vice presidents at the company had discussed on multiple occasions doing more business with my client. However, nothing had ever come of it.

During the meeting, my client managed to uncover why that was. It turns out the owner and president of the company wanted to work with someone that was a client of theirs.

Now, the service my client provided was about $500 a month. His prospect, on the other hand, had a service that was just $20 a month.

My client's solution? Even though he didn't really need the service, he signed up to pay $20 a month, and made the sale within the month.

There are an amazing number of company owners out there with a mindset like that. Maybe they'll only do business with people who do business with them. But it could just as easily be any number of weird reasons.

The door to opportunities is opened or closed specifically for those weird reasons! As a salesperson, it's your job to figure out if something weird exists. And if so, you need to determine if it's something you can work around, or not.

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