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I'm fortunate to get feedback all the time from people that I work with. A while back, I received an email from a client we work with that blew me away. Since he started working with us, he had quadrupled his income, so I was curious what he had to say.

The email was rather long, so it's abbreviated quite a bit.

I honestly didn't realize how miserable I was until I got enrolled in Sandler. It was truly one of my life's lowest points. However, I realize now that Sandler was the silver lining and the catalyst that God used in my life to start me back on a better path.

He went on to share how Sandler allowed him to find different things in his life to work on, both professionally and personally. He said that awareness and knowledge had completely turned his life around.

He finished up with the following.

The behavior change, the training, the development, all really help transform lives, professionally and personally, IF you let it, you take it seriously, and you go all-in and make it a priority in your life.

His individual success is great, but the most important lesson that jumped out to me was his big IF at the end, and it's something you can use to make the most out of training:

It can be only be effective IF you let it, IF you take it seriously, and IF you make it a priority.

If you just go to sales, management, or leadership training to check off a box on your list, it won't do anything. But if you listen, absorb, and apply it, it can do amazing things for you.


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