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Why are you in business? Many people are in business because they have a unique skill set or background, and want to use that to help others. Unfortunately, in some ways that can end up limiting them, and can ultimately hurt them.

Sound familiar? You need to keep in mind that you can’t help everyone.

Take my world for example. This is something I have to keep in mind constantly. I help clients with coaching, consulting, and training around business growth, revenue, sales, business development, customer service, leadership, and management.

Do you think I run into many business owners I CAN’T help?

It’s pretty uncommon! But that doesn’t mean it will always be a good fit.

One year I was at a networking event. It was late September or early October, and I happened to run into a roofing contractor. We started talking, and he said something offhand that blew my mind.

He said, “I just hope that next year we get a storm.”

Next year? He still had a whole quarter left in the year, and he’d written it off! Last time I checked, there were still houses with roofs on them to be had.

Could I help him? Yes. Was he ready for my help? Probably not.

The longer we work with clients, the more they see this in their own world as well. They run into people all the time that they could help, but those people aren’t ready, willing, or able to be helped at that time.

So realize you can’t help everyone. You may want to, but it’s just not possible. They have to be ready to take that help, and not everyone is.

Your job has two parts: First, discover if you can help them. Second, figure out whether they’re ready for that help or not.

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