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In Sandler, we have the concept of pattern interrupts. Pattern interrupts are doing something unexpected to stand apart from your competition. A lot of times it's something simple. If someone asks, "Why should I do business with you?" you might answer, "I don't know that you should." Sometimes it can take on other forms as well, like it did a while back with one of my clients.

My client had a big trade show they had to be at. For years and years, they'd spent fortunes on giant displays. That was fairly common in their industry, so they felt like they had to do it.

I knew they were at the trade show, and they called me in a bit of a panic.

"Mike, our trade show display didn't show up! What should we do?"

I responded, "Do this. Just get a piece of cardboard, a marker, and write on it, 'Sorry, our display didn't show up. Please ask us questions.'"

Not surprisingly, they were a bit skeptical, but they ultimately decided they didn't have anything to lose at this point.

They were the only ones who didn't have a big fancy booth. So people walking by saw their sign and seemed to feel a bit sorry for them. They stopped, asked questions, and had conversations.

It was the best trade show they've ever had. Now they never have a big fancy booth. I don't think they use cardboard, but they don't waste a fortune either.

And by not wasting a fortune, they continue to stand out!

That concept of pattern interrupt can work in a ton of different ways because different stands out.

Think about your organization. What's something that you can do differently than your competition that seems crazy on the surface, but would definitely make you stand out?


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