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The question most buyers default to is "How much?" That's especially true when they don't buy what you sell very often, if ever. So if you set yourself apart by having high quality, it's entirely possible they'll balk at the price.

There are three things you can deliver to any customer: price, quality, and service. The chances of being able to deliver all three at the same time, however, are pretty low.

Even if you can make it the absolute cheapest, there's no way it will be the highest quality. You can't fly in first class on a coach ticket! And you can't have a product that never breaks if it's the cheapest option.

But most buyers don't think that way when they're buying. They default to asking, "How much?"

I know I run into that all the time in my world. I talk to a lot of new potential clients, often referrals. And one of the first questions is, "How much is training?"

I respond, "What kind of training?"

They reply, "Whatever kind of training you typically offer."

Our training is customized to the needs of our clients. So if I try to talk about the investment before having a conversation about the pain that the training is meant to solve, I waste my time and theirs.

Investing $35,000 over 24 months may sound like a large investment. But if it's meant to fix a $1,000,000 annual gap in your business, all of a sudden it makes a lot more sense.

If you aren't already talking about the balance go price, quality, and service with your prospects, I would encourage you to start. And make sure you discuss pain before you get into the investment. Especially if you don't want to be the cheapest option out there.

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