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We've all felt pressure, like we're under a spotlight. Maybe our prospect asks a difficult question, or one where we don't think they'll like our answer. Do you stick to your system at that point, or abandon it in the hope we can get better results from winging it?

When you run into a moment like that, you're really running into your own head trash. You're making an assumption that something's going to happen.

The acronym for F.E.A.R. is False Expectations Feeling Real. If you're not careful, you can let the possibility of something happening or not happening lead you to abandon your system!

Think about someone that's actually in a literal spotlight like musicians. When they perform in front of a live audience, they're under an enormous amount of pressure. They need their system to fall back on.

When you have been in a situation where you were tempted to abandon your system, you need to really examine your assumptions. Why did you feel that way? What about your past experiences led you to make those assumptions and either abandon your system, or be tempted to do so.

Uncovering that head trash becomes very powerful!

Later, play the situation out in your mind. If you'd stuck to your system and it hadn't worked like you hoped, then you can learn a lesson. If you abandon your system and it does work out okay, you have no idea if that was a fluke, and you were just lucky.

When you find that your system is working, you need to be sure you follow it. The risk is in wimping out and abandoning the system, especially if the way you've been doing it has been working.

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