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There's huge power in finding out more information when you get a referral. Not just if the person was referred and who referred them, but actually WHY the person referred them to you.

Recently a client of mine got a referral from someone he hadn't even done business with. And it was a very personal referral! The two people had been family friends since they were children, so it was a pretty strong recommendation.

The person talking to my client said, "She told me she hadn't really worked with you, but she thought you were the real deal. So if she said so, I'll work with you."

That's awesome!

Now, at the time my client shared this, he had not yet found out why she referred him. I encouraged my client to ask about that the next time he talked to her.

There are two reasons finding out why you get a referral can be powerful.

First, the obvious: You have the potential to learn lessons for that individual relationship. Knowing more about the dynamics that were at play there can be powerful, including more about their behavior and expectations.

Second, and even more powerful: You have the potential to learn how to do that again!

Too often, we get a referral by accidentally doing something right. If that's the case, how much more powerful would it be if you can do that same thing again, but intentionally this time?

So the next time you get a referral, give the person making the referral a call, or at least shoot them an email. Thank them for the referral, then ask a simple question: "I'm curious, why did you refer so-and-so to us?"

Then take that answer, and use it to get more referrals!


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