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I've written a number of sales articles, but also many articles on the topic of management. This should be no great surprise, since management is one of the areas I coach and train in.

Let's take a look at the top five management articles over the last few years.

5. Do you make these 4 communication mistakes?

We all have people in our organization that communicates with prospects, clients, customers, or strategic partners. If those people are making any of these four communication mistakes, you need to make sure it's taken care of.

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4. Stop buying prospects food

This one is specifically for sales managers. It's all too common in the sales world to go around buying food for prospects. If your team is doing this, they need to quit it! Read a couple examples of what the real cost is.

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3. 4 words that changed a life

On a flight, I sat close to an extremely successful business executive who was sharing his secrets to success with a young business person. During that conversations, the executive shared just four words with the younger individual that summed up all his unbelievable success.

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2. The common denominator of business success

I've been fortunate enough to observer many successful people over the years I've been in business. They all shared a common denominator that was obvious to me, yet I resisted engaging in that behavior for a long time.

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1. How to get answers from almost anyone

When you meet with anyone on your team, or with a client or prospect, you need to get information from them. And often times, they're resistant. In our most popular management article, I shared how to get answers from almost anyone.

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