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How often have you set a goal, but never did anything to reach that goal? Or maybe you had a great new idea to drum up sales, but never did it. Or helped put together a strategic plan that you never did anything with?

You need to block out time!

When we do not assign specific times and dates to things, and actually put them on our calendar, they often get pushed back and pushed back. Then they end up never happening!

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I need to reconnect with so-and-so." But then time goes on, and you forget about it.

Or maybe you have been involved in helping put together a strategic plan. But then you don't have time blocked out to review the progress you or your organization is making, or you don't check in and adjust the plan as needed.

"That's going to take some time. I'll get to it next week."

The next thing you know, it's next week. Then it's next month, then the rest of the year has gone by. And you never got it done!

It can happen regardless of the importance of whatever it is!

Some people laugh at this, including my family. But I put things in my calendar like, "Dinner with my wife," or "Day out with my kids."

It's not unusual for me to hear, "Seriously? You have to put that on your calendar?"

Of course! If it's on my calendar, it gets done. So if you're serious about wanting to do something, make it a habit to start blocking out time for that task.

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