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Happy ears is a concept we have at Sandler. It's all about hearing something, and making more out of it than you actually heard. If you're in sales, your even more likely to suffer from this than other people. And it can hurt you!

Let's say you go to a sales meeting, then head back to the office. Once inside, you run into your boss.

"I've got one, boss!"

"Great," he responds.

But then days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months. The prospect never ends up buying. You heard something that wasn't actually there.

That's happy ears.

Happy ears is something that goes on in your subconscious. We don't consciously make a decision to get happy ears. Nobody hears a piece of information and says to themselves, "I'm going to get overly excited about this."

It just doesn't happen that way!

And it can be even more damaging to an organization if the sales manager has happy ears. Because happy ears is contagious! So if the manager isn't careful, he can really spread the problem.

If a salesperson has happy ears and spreads that to a manager, that can lead to false sales projections and inaccurate business planning.

If a manager has happy ears and spreads it to his sales team, that can lead to bad behaviors, wasted time, and a decrease in sales.

If this is something that has happened in your organization, it's time to make changes. Once you have awareness of the problem, you need to determine what methods can help you stop them, then make that change, and work on it until it's a habit.

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