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We've been publishing helpful sales, leadership, and management articles on a regular basis for the last two years. One of the things we're able to track is which of those articles is the most popular.

Since you may not have been a reader of ours for the entire two years, I thought it would be beneficial to share the 5 most popular sales articles, according to our email newsletter service.

5. Do you make these 4 communication mistakes?

In sales it's the little things that matter. And that's especially true when it comes to communication! In this article, we cover four little things that matter in how you communicate with prospects.

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4. How to avoid screwing up the first 7 minutes of a meeting

First impressions can make a big difference. If you mess up in the first few minutes of a meeting, you may set yourself up for hours of unpaid consulting. In this article, we talk about how to avoid that type of situation.

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3. The family photo that cost millions in sales

In every communication situation, the other party's expectations and our behavior both play a huge role. We have the ability to blow it pretty quickly. In fact, in one case, communication about a family photo led to the loss of a huge sale.

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2. 4 words that changed a life

On one occasion, I was on a business trip and overheard one of the most amazing conversations I've ever heard. A young business person was talking with a successful executive, and the executive shared four words that summed up all of his success.

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1. Stop buying prospects food

Plenty of conventional sales knowledge is wrong. One thing that many people do that they shouldn't be doing is buying food for prospects. It's especially prevalent in medical industries, and my daughter who works in a vet clinic shared with me how absurd it is.

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If those articles were of benefit to you, feel free to browse through all our articles, and subscribe to our newsletter where we share new articles with you on a regular basis.

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