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The one constant in the world is change. If we're not careful, we can lose opportunities because we try to rush things and do them on our timeline, not the timeline of our prospect.

One of my clients recently modified their sales process. They adjusted how they stay in contact with their leads during the sales process.

Now, throughout that process, they tell their prospects things like the following:

"We're just here to help you."

"There's no pressure."

"If we can help in any way, just let us know. If not, that's okay, too."

After four months of being really consistent at this new approach, they found that something different was happening. Suddenly they were getting more people than ever before come back to them after they'd dropped them as a lead.

People they were considering dead leads were walking back in, ready to sign!

The key was understanding that things change. My clients went at it with a helpful, friendly attitude. They knew that even if someone decided not to go with them, there was plenty of business for them as well.

Of course, really learn from situations like that, you should ask questions as well. "When we visited a few months ago, it didn't look like we were a good fit. Can I ask what changed?"

Because really, it could have been anything. They may have wanted to get the money together first. They may have tried someone else and been burnt by them. But the only way we can learn a lesson is to ask.

Having a genuine desire to help people and not rush them can only work out in your benefit long term.

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