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Any time you try a new sales technique, it's not going to feel natural or comfortable. It doesn't matter whether it's the three-foot rule, answering a question with a question, or using an up front contract, it's probably not going to go super smoothly, and if you're not prepared, you won't feel okay about that.

It's sort of like scuba diving.

I decided a while back that I wanted to scuba dive. Of course, you have to get certified to scuba dive, and you have to get training to get certified. So I went to get training.

When you're scuba diving, they give you this awkward mask, and tell you to put it on. My instructor told me, "Just put the mask on, go underwater, and breathe normally."

Now, wait just a second. I had over thirty years of instinct telling me that when I go underwater, the last thing I should do is breathe!

My buddy that was with me tried to reassure me by telling me, "It's easy!"

But it wasn't! At least, not for me. My natural instinct was to put the mask on, go underwater, and hold my breath. But you can't scuba dive for long while holding your breath!

That's what happens when we do something new. The first time you make a cold call, it's not going to go smoothly. In fact, it may take several cold calls, or even several days of cold calls before it starts going smoothly. And if you're not ready for that, it can make you feel not okay.

The key is your expectations, and your dedication to your behavior. Go into a new activity knowing that it won't go well at first, but also know that you're going to stick with it despite the initial rough period.

If you can look beyond that rocky beginning, and know that things will smooth out, you'll be able to stick with that new behavior until it becomes a skill, and eventually a habit.

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