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One of my clients helps his clients with their online marketing. He recently shared with me a story about how a blogger greatly affected a prospect of his. Let’s look at that story and the three valuable lessons it can teach us.

My client had talked to a prospect a while back, and it didn’t make sense for them to do business together at the time.

All of a sudden, my client got a call from the individual. “We need to meet!”

My client responded, “Happy to meet with you. I’m curious, has something changed since the last time we talked?”

Turns out, the prospect had been getting 4-5 leads a week from a blog website that had him ranked in the top ten companies in his industry. Well, the blogger that ran that website updated the rankings. All of a sudden, the prospect was no longer ranked in the top ten on that blog website.

As a result, he was down from 4-5 leads a week to just one a week!

My client asked his prospect, “What’s your budget for this?”

The prospect responded, “Whatever it takes!”

There are three key lessons we can learn from this story.

1. Things Change, So Stay In Touch

If you’re not staying in touch with people, shame on you. Just because there wasn’t pain last month, six months ago, two years ago, doesn’t mean three’s not going to be pain in the future.

2. Understand Where Their Business Comes From

Understanding where your prospect gets their business and what influences it is hugely important! My client’s prospect had business that was heavily influenced by internet traffic. Knowing that, knowing what influences your prospect’s world, becomes very important.

3. Keeping Up With Things That Influence Their Business

One of my counterparts that runs another Sandler office gets about 90% of his revenue from the medical industry. He’s very proactive in that industry. He keeps up with legislation, both on the local and state level. When medicare reimbursement rates changed, he went out and called everyone that does home health care, because he knew they would have to change their business model.

These three lessons can help you be proactive in advance, rather than reactive after the fact.


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