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Success is created by changing your habits. Of course, that doesn't come instantly. It takes time to change habits. So how can we change our habits in sales?

As it turns out, we can actually look towards doctors as an example of how to change our habits.

I frequently ask this question of audiences: What professions do you respect? Two things stand out: Nobody ever mentions sales, and someone always mentions doctors.

Doctors have to med school, which is usually twelve years long. However, people in sales can make way more than doctors. (If you didn't know, the top earners in sales make a lot more than the top earners in medicine.)

So if med school is twelve years long, and you want to make more money than doctors, shouldn't you train longer than twelve years?

But that's not the common view! People don't bat an eye at twelve years in med school, but they think they can go to a four-week course, or even a single day workshop, and they're ready for sales success!

Workshops and courses can start you down the right path, but it does take time to change your habits.

In Sandler specifically, we have President's Club, our premier ongoing sales training program. Applicants are carefully assessed prior to enrollment to be sure they're a good fit for the program.

Once in the program, there are weekly training sessions that reinforce and help members learn. And with weekly recurring reinforcement, habits start to change.

While President's Club isn't for everyone, I would encourage you to begin thinking long term instead of short term. Success is a process of long-term changing of habits. And remember the acronym A.K.A.S.H.

A - Awareness
K - Knowledge
A - Application
S - Skill
H - Habit

Once you're aware that you need to improve something, you are ready to seek out knowledge. But only through constant application can it become a skill, and finally a habit.

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