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Technology has changed the way sales works. At the very least, it introduces new tools that your prospects may prefer for communicating. And if your prospects are comfortable with that technology, you’d better get comfortable with that technology.

My recent experience buying a new truck is a great example.

Almost every vehicle I’ve owned in my life has been a truck. So when I went to purchase a new vehicle recently, I was intrigued by the Honda Ridgeline.

I had never driven one, so I went to test drive one. After doing so, I told the sales guy, “Well, this isn’t bad.”

Of course, in typical car salesman mode, he responded, “What can I do to get you to take it home today?”

I answered, “It’s the first vehicle I’ve driven. I’d like to check out a few other things.”

He said, “That’s fine. You mentioned that you’d never driven one. If you want to take it overnight, we’re happy to let you do that.”

“I’ll let you know.” I went and checked out a few other things, came back, and took him up on his offer. It was even better because it was a Saturday, and in Oklahoma, dealerships are closed on Sundays. So I actually got it for an extra day.

After the weekend, I decided I wanted it. However, they didn’t have it in the color I wanted, or with the options package I wanted.

I returned the truck, then contacted the salesperson. I said, “I brought back yours and picked up mine. Here’s what I want.”

He said, “Okay, when can you come in?”

I responded, “I’m not coming in. If you want to do this, we’re doing this remotely.”

“Okay,” he answered.

“I’m not actually going to be accessible for a while. What works for you?”

Then he responded in the best way possible. “What works for you?”

Not expecting him to go for this, here was my reply: “I bought my last three vehicles almost 100% by email. How about text messages this time?”

“Okay,” he responded.

I was dumbfounded! He went for it, which was great for me. We negotiated the entire deal back and forth by text message. I never actually talked to a salesperson after that, and I never had to talk to a sales manager after that.

And when I got there to pick it up, it was a fairly quick, simple, and painless process.

Had that salesperson not adapted to the technology I wanted to use, he would have been much less likely to make the sale. Since I wasn’t going to be accessible, he had to be flexible to make the sale.

It’s crazy how technology has changed the way you sell. Are you adapting?

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