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People who enjoy socializing can fall into a trap. They can spend time on the golf course with their buddies, or maybe chatting at networking events. When they come home and their spouse asks what they did all day, they reply, “I was working.”

But if that’s you, is that really was you were doing?

If you’re spending time “building a relationship,” that’s time you’re not spending actually make money and asking tough questions that need to be asked. If you spend a day on the golf course, how many prospects could you have been cold calling?

Remember, your meter is always running. Is your time best spent on the golf course, or chatting at a networking events?

Sometimes it’s an easier path to fool yourself into thinking you’re working.

Think about a musician. Many of us know people who like to play music, fooling around in a garage with their buddies. But what is it that separates them from career musicians?

Career musicians do things that aren’t necessarily as fun, but are necessary to the business of music. They call around to get gigs. They make strategic connections with others in the industry. They do spend time on their music, but they spend time on the more difficult things as well.

Relationships are obviously important. But you can get totally off track and tell yourself that you’re building a relationship, instead of doing actual work on building your business.

So the next time you’re on the golf course, don’t use it as an excuse.

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