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When something seems to be self-evident, the truth is it may not be evident to everyone else. “Self” is the key word there. We can’t make assumptions that everyone knows what we know.

To assume is to lie to yourself. We call that non-supportive beliefs.

When we have a belief, that leads to judgement. Then a judgement leads to either an action or a non-action. That then leads to a result, either positive or negative.

We tell ourselves these lies all the time!

“They already do business with someone else, so there’s no need for me to call them.”

“They’re sick of hearing from people in my industry.”

“They’d never do business with a company our size.”

All of those things play out in non-supportive beliefs!

There’s so many different ways that our beliefs get in the way. It’s pretty scary!

Focus on how your beliefs are getting in the way on your sales calls. As soon as you have a belief that leads to a judgement, you’ve immediately set yourself up for success or failure.

Your beliefs don’t matter. What you should work towards is removing yourself from the sales situation. The best way to go on a sales call is as a third part observer, watching yourself.

It takes some practice, but you’ll learn some scary things about yourself. You’ll find out that you’ve been lying to yourself, making assumptions, and that it’s hurting your sales.

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