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How many of you would like to double your sales? If you are like most people you answered a quick yes to this question - let's look at the 3 ways we can do that?

For illustration purposes we will use round numbers - these ratios may seem high or low to you, do not get hung up on them - rather focus on the difference between where we start and where we finish.

Let's say you currently talk to 100 people in a month - and this leads to you closing 10 sales.

Start - 100 conversations = 10 sales

If you want to double - how can we do it? There are three distinct ways to accomplish this.

  • Number 1 - The most obvious way is to talk to twice as many, or 200 people. How many hours do you work a week now? Are you willing to double that amount? If we talk to twice as many people - we will need twice as much time. *The entire advertising and marketing industry is based on this mindset - they want to drive more traffic for you to visit with. Is it fair to say this would not be a good option? Good - because this is not what we do at Sandler Training.

Results - 200 conversations = 20 sales

  • Number 2 - The second way to do this is focus on having better conversations. In this scenario we focus on the 100 current conversations and how to ensure we get the absolute best outcome possible for them. If we learn better ways to be efficient and effective with each conversation we can ultimately improve the number of closes we have in these 100 conversations - often increasing sales to 20, 30, 40, or even 50 sales. At Sandler Training - we help you learn how to do this.

Results - 100 conversations = 20 + sales

  • Number 3 - The third way is to focus on who the conversations are with. If we do this it can allow us to actually have fewer conversations in the course of the month - instead of 100 we may only need to have 50 conversations. Improved prospecting allows us to ensure we have conversations with the right people more often. Learning this typically leads to actually working less - rather than double, as in Number 1 above. At Sandler Training - we help you learn how to do this.
  • BONUS - The true benefit is when we do Number 2 and Number 3 together. Learning these together allows us to have better conversations with fewer people. Ultimately leading to selling more and working less. At Sandler Training - we help you learn how to do this too.

Results - 50 conversations = 20 + sales

Now let me ask - which results would you rather have to grow your business and your sales?

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