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So many of us get in our own way with head trash. Our preconceived notions get in our own way, and they’re frequently not even accurate!

One piece of head trash many of us have is that we are intimidated by people we perceive to be extremely successful. So intimidated, that we frequently don’t even consider approaching them for sales opportunities.

A client of mine recently received a referral for someone that works for a well known company. The referral mentioned that he appreciated being referred to him. He was really surprised that people weren’t seeking him out looking to gain his business. He was actually offended that people weren’t approaching him!

I don’t care how big or how small, how successful or unsuccessful somebody is in their business. There is always head trash. It’s absolutely amazing what preconceptions we have that we need to get over!

If I look at the head trash I had a few years ago when I first got involved in Sandler versus the different head trash I have today, there’s a huge difference. I still have head trash, but it’s different head trash. And now I’m much more aware of it.

Of course, the challenge with any head trash is recognizing it and getting rid of it. We do that through a five step process, which we use the acronym A.K.A.S.H. for. 

A - Awareness

The first thing we have to do is recognize our head trash for what it is: Preconceptions that aren’t true that are holding us back. 

K - Knowledge

Next we gain the knowledge on how to overcome that head trash. 

A - Application

This is the step most people fall short on. Once we know what to do, we actually have to do it! And “trying” isn’t good enough, only “doing” is. 

S - Skills

Let’s face it, we’re going to stink at the application at first.  But through repetition of our application, we get better and better.

H - Habits

Once we hone that skill over time, we develop new habits. And through the development of those new habits, we get rid of our initial head trash. 

Of course, once we eliminate one piece of head trash, it’s on to the next one.

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