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Our view on money is shaped by what we learned growing up. Whether we’re open about money, or learned not to discuss it with anyone, it’s become so ingrained as a part of us that it’s difficult to get past any issues that might cause.

Let’s take a look at three concepts you can use to change how you think about money when working with prospects and clients.

Think investment, not cost

Our job as salespeople should be to help our prospects and clients. We need to really believe that what we have can possibly help them alleviate a pain, or obtain pleasure. If that’s not the case, then we have a prospect that shouldn’t buy.

So when we change from a “selling” mindset to a “helping” mindset, our product naturally shifts from being a “cost” to being an “investment.” 

Get a ballpark ahead of time

Traditional sales methods teach you to keep the price a secret until you can actually get the prospect alone in a meeting. Then drop the price on them, and talk them into spending that money.

That’s the wrong way to do it. If we are really in it to help others, we don’t want to waste their time, much less our own. Whether we’re first talking to a prospect through the phone or through email, establishing a ballpark of what they’re willing to invest can save us a lot of time. 

Everyone’s concept of money is different 

Remember, all your clients and prospects have their own unique view of money. What’s expensive to some won’t be expensive to others. And just because you think your service or product is too expensive doesn’t mean your prospect will think so. So get out of your own way and don’t make assumptions about what the other person is thinking.

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